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The Step-by-Step Online Solution For People Who Want to Get Unstuck, Start the RIGHT Dream & Make Money Doing What They Love, in 90 Days or Less.
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"My mind was literally blown after experiencing the System..."

"I realized there is so much mis-information out there about how to actually make money online. Eileen’s system flat out WORKS. Now I have the plan that will take me where I always envisioned my company would go...and I feel like my whole-life changed in an instant." Hannah Marsh, Piccadilly Creative

 "Helping us get our message out to more, so we can help more..."

"Eileen’s programs are helping us get our message out to more people, so we can serve, heal and restore them to LIFE them like never before." —Dr. Leslie Windman, Chiropractor

"I'm Living My Dream!"

"With the strategies Eileen gave me, I was able to fundraise to go to the mission field and serve vulnerable children—I’m living my dream!" —Katharine Bothner, Missionary to Uganda 

"Reaching Others With a Message of Hope..."

"Eileen helped our message of hope & faith expand online, Together we developed a fantastic net for people to hear more about Jesus!" Christine Martin, Dave Martin International
LEVEL 1: Unstuck
  • How to Accelerate Your Purpose
  • Overcoming Fear, Labels & Lids
  • How to Come Up With Your Business Idea
  •  Testing Your Dream Idea
LEVEL 2: Profit Plan
  • Profit Clarity
  • Ideal Client Avatar
  •  Premium Brand Positioning
  •  Leveraging Your Uniqueness
LEVEL 3: Brand & Website
  • Business Name Brainstorm
  • Logos that WOW 
  •  Knockout Elevator Pitch
  •  Professional Photos On a Budget
  •  Website Template (FREE)
LEVEL 4: Irresistible Offer
  • Designing Products & Services That Customers Love
  • How to Deliver An Outstanding Customer Experience
  •  The Secret to Selling Loads of Anything
  •  Free Offers: PDF's, Checklists, e-Guides, Masterclasses, e-Courses + more
  •  Pricing Strategies
Level 5: Build Your First Funnel
  • Email Setup
  • 25 Ways to Build Your Email List
  •  The Art of Woo-ing Influencers
  •  Running Ads to Build Your List
LEVEL 6: Amazing Sales Video
  •  Exactly What to Say
  •  Viral Video Creation
  •  Turn Words Into Money: Copywriting 101
  •  The Perfect Story Formula
LEVEL 7: Become a Contributor
  •  Why You Should Stop Learning and Start Teaching
  •  The Best Social Media Platforms Right Now
  •  How to  Be "Everywhere" Without a Lot of Time
  •  What You Should Say on Your Show
LEVEL 8: Capture Raving Testimonials
  •  The Best Social Media Platforms Right Now
  •  How to  Be "Everywhere" Without a Lot of Time
  •  What You Should Say on Your Show
LEVEL 9: Your Moral Obligation
  •  3 Things You Need to Start a Movement
  •  How to Write a Manifesto
  • Create Your T-Shirt Slogan
LEVEL 10: Your Next 12 Months
  •  Editorial Calendar
  •  Finding Dream Partners
  • Pricing & Money Mastery
BONUS: How to Put Your Business on Autopilot ($1997 Value)
  • Webinars
  • Basic Funnels
  •  Automated Email Sequences
  •  Sales While You Snooze Formula
BONUS: Best-Selling Book Formula ($2997 Value)
  • Fast Writing Secrets Formula
  • Black Book of Editors, Cover Designers, Formatters
  •  Kindle Best-Seller Secrets
BONUS: How to Build Your Business in 30 Minutes A Day ($497 Value)
  • Time Saving Secrets
  • Focus Formula
  •  How to Say No Scripts
  •  Productivity Hacks
BONUS: Facebook Ad Secrets ($1997 Value)
  • How to Set Up a Winning Ad
  • Retargeting 101
  •  Ad Scoresheet
  •  Facebook Foundation Secrets

"This system was worth every penny..."

"Before we started with Eileen we had a huge heart to reach kids on the spectrum, but were struggling to make ends meet. Now we are building a premium course, exceeding our income goals & at the same time help thousands of families!!! This system was worth every PENNY."  Marisa Rodriquez, Behavioral Health Consulting

"We didn't have anything when we started..."

"When we started with Eileen's program we didn't have our offer, pricing or any resources yet to offer people—now we are on our way to having ALL of it and are reaching more people than EVER." —Jeff O'Dell, Dreams For Wellness
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